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American Truck Simulator Mobile

New version 1.9

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Provider: SCS Software

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About the game:

Consumers start as a hire; they may become the owner if they wish to advance professionally. Users may take independent opportunities to acquire experience and resources. On the home screen, browse the free business lists to see the lorries, distances, approximate period of time, wages, object details, etc. of the recruiting firms. The direction would be marked on a map to the left, by clicking on a proposal. View the car you have to drive in the queue. People have to gain experience to level up. Get extra benefit by unlocking driver skills: transporting vulnerable, dangerous, and valuable objects; driving long distances; delivering just-in-time; etc. After analysis of the offers and selection of a position, gamers use the built-in GPS satellite to chart the desired routes. Discover new towns, hiring companies, and suppliers of vehicles. If people come to the destinations in unconditional condition on time and with the vehicle and goods, then they are paid. On late entry, players will be subject to lawsuits and penalized with broken goods. The driver often has to go to a garage in order to do his job; this is a chore since the spaces can be small relative to the cars. When simulating, comply with the speed limit, track road signposts, truck hitch trailers, etc.

American Truck Simulator mobile for Android and IOS:

Any condition offered in the game is similar to real life. Check out the petrol gas stations. The game involves meetings with police officers when safety rules violate them: crashes, refusal to halt, red lights, pace, etc. ATS encourages the freedom to transform red to the right, as the legislation allows. The scheme of finance is regarded as genuine. Users buy garages and trucks for company growth. The players need to save sufficient money or obtain a bank loan from their concerts; the loan must be paid for. Enjoy personalizing the engines of the trucks, outside, capacity, etc. To broaden the LLC, customers will employ drivers; in the same way, as players are recruited for truck operations. Examine the titles, photos, salaries, scores, qualifications, etc of prospective hire companies.