Multiversus Mobile
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February 26, 2024
Android 5.0+/ iOS 12.0+
10 Million+
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About the game Multiversus Mobile:

Warner Bros. produced the free online action game Multiversus android. The focus of this Warner Bros. fighting game is a 2v2 team battle. It includes a number of characters from live-action television programs and animated feature films from the company’s many media and franchises. What if Warner Bros. chose to develop a platform similar to Super Smash Brothers or Bravalhalla after gathering its resources? As you might expect, the corporation owns a variety of media properties and franchises, some of which will be included in games like Bugs Bunny, Batman is only one example. Also present will be Game of Thrones character Aryan Stark. Multiversus Mobile is heavily influenced by Super Smash Brothers and its gameplay features. There are three game modes available: 1v1, 2v2, and Free Battle Royale. Similar to this, you engage in a series of battles to drive your adversary off the edge of the playing area. More harm will be done when you take them off more frequently. The game’s cross-play functionality is one of its best features because it allows you to play with friends on any platform. According to current news, it seems that there may be a delay until it is formally launched. Sometime around 2022 is the elusive and temporary release date.

Multiversus mobile for Android and IOS:

Characters You can choose to take on the roles of Harley Quinn, Tom and Jerry, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Garnet, Superman, Wonder Woman, or a strange monster named Reindog. Each participant in a battle has unique skills that can be dynamically blended with those of other characters. Maps Play games on a range of Maps based on the legendary worlds of our characters, including, among others, Jake and Finn’s Treefort and Batman’s Batcave. Cross-Platform Together with your friends, defend the Multiverse at any time, anywhere, and on any platform that is now available. This offers seamless progression and gameplay across all platforms. Modes Participate in the ferocious 1v1 and 4-Player Free For All modes, as well as our innovative 2v2 cooperatively focused experience. Additionally, you may refine your skills by exercising in the training mode or by competing in the ranked competition mode, which will put your abilities to the absolute test. Play can be done locally or online with MultiVersus.