Secret Neighbor Mobile
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February 26, 2024
Android 5.0+/ iOS 12.0+
10 Million+
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About the game Secret Neighbor Mobile:

Secret Neighbor Mobile apk is a ghost game in which you must rescue your buddies from their neighbors’ basement. However, keep yourself secure from the neighbor, or you will be imprisoned by the neighbor as well. Install the Secret Neighbor Apk on your Android device and play the game without having to verify your identity. A neighbor has the capacity to transform into a ghost and vanish. He possesses some superpowers, and you must combat his superpowers. The goal of Secret Neighbor Mobile, which was developed by Russian developers, was to dig into your neighbor’s basement and house to see what secrets he had hired on his cellar and house. This game is entirely AI-driven, and the character must walk from one house to the next in order to inspect each one for hidden mysteries. To collect the goods needed to quickly open the basement, the character must solve a series of puzzles.

Secret Neighbor mobile for Android and IOS:

Secret Neighbor: Multiplayer Edition is a multiplayer version of the game. In Secret Neighbor, a bunch of intruders attempts to save their pal from the neighbor’s frightening basement. Your neighbor, disguised as an intruder, is among the intruders. Nicky Roth hears his neighbor screaming while playing in the street. During his investigation, Nicky notices his neighbor allegedly locking someone in his basement. Nicky then walks to his next-door neighbor’s house, locates the basement key, and enters. The prisoner is hidden in the neighbor’s basement, which has been turned into an underground dungeon. Nicky then encounters Mr. Peterson, a neighbor, and is apprehended. Nicky wakes up in the subterranean dungeon of his next-door neighbor. Nicky, now an adult, wakes up at his apartment. He decides to move back into his parents’ house after being evicted from his apartment. He used to reside in an old house that is falling apart, and the house next door is similarly in disarray. Nicky is disturbed by a dark shadow-like thing while investigating the ruins, so he comes home and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he discovers that his neighbor’s house has returned, bigger, more complicated, and surreal than ever before. Nicky learns to double jump and tries to turn on a far-away light as he shrinks. He also makes his way about the house and has bizarre adventures. He eventually enters the basement, which now appears to be ancient and strange.