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Overview of METAL SLUG 4 Apk:

Metal Slug 4 Apk, developed by SNK, is the fourth installment in the iconic Metal Slug series of arcade run-and-gun shooters. Released in 2002, the game continues the adventures of the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force as they battle against General Morden and his army. Known for its fast-paced gameplay, vibrant pixel art, and humorous elements, METAL SLUG 4 remains a beloved title among fans of retro gaming.


METAL SLUG 4 maintains the classic pixel art style that defined the series on the NeoGeo arcade platform. The game features detailed sprites, smooth animations, and dynamic environments that contribute to its nostalgic charm. Despite its age, the graphics hold up well, delivering a visually appealing experience that captures the essence of arcade gaming from the early 2000s.


Set in a fictional universe plagued by war and rebellion, METAL SLUG 4 follows the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force as they face new challenges orchestrated by General Morden and his allies. Players embark on a mission to thwart Morden’s ambitions, navigating through diverse landscapes, from military bases to exotic locales, and confronting a variety of enemies, including powerful bosses. The game’s storyline unfolds through humorous cutscenes and in-game interactions, adding depth to its arcade-style gameplay.


METAL SLUG 4 offers classic arcade run-and-gun gameplay with a blend of shooting action, platforming challenges, and vehicle segments. Players can choose from multiple characters from the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force, each with their unique abilities and playstyles. The game emphasizes fast-paced combat, requiring players to navigate through increasingly challenging levels filled with enemies, traps, and environmental hazards. Piloting vehicles such as the Metal Slug tank add variety to the gameplay, offering enhanced firepower and survivability against waves of adversaries.


METAL SLUG 4 includes several features that enhance the arcade shooter experience:

  • Cooperative Gameplay: Supports two-player cooperative mode, allowing friends to team up locally to tackle missions together.
  • Weapon Arsenal: Offers a wide array of weapons and power-ups, including iconic choices like the Heavy Machine Gun, Flame Shot, and Rocket Launcher.
  • Vehicles and Mounts: Allows players to pilot various vehicles and mounts, each with unique capabilities and combat advantages.
  • Challenging Boss Battles: Features epic boss encounters at the end of each stage, testing players’ skills and strategy.
  • Hidden Paths and Secrets: Includes secret areas and alternative routes that reward exploration with bonuses, power-ups, and additional challenges.


METAL SLUG 4 features a roster of memorable characters from the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force, each with their distinct personalities and abilities. Players can select characters such as Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, Eri Kasamoto, and Fio Germi, each contributing to the team’s dynamic strategies and combat effectiveness.


Q: Where can I play METAL SLUG 4? A: METAL SLUG 4 was originally released on the NeoGeo arcade platform and has been ported to various consoles and digital platforms. It can also be played on modern devices through emulators like NeoGeo Emulator Apk for Android and NeoGeo Emulator IOS.

Q: What makes Metal Slug 4 stand out compared to other arcade shooters? A: METAL SLUG 4 distinguishes itself with its engaging pixel art visuals, challenging gameplay, and humorous storytelling that resonates with fans of classic arcade gaming.

Q: Is METAL SLUG 4 difficult to play? A: Like its predecessors, METAL SLUG 4 offers a challenging experience that rewards skill and strategy, especially in its boss battles and higher difficulty levels.


METAL SLUG 4 continues the tradition of delivering thrilling arcade shooting action, captivating visuals, and memorable characters that define the Metal Slug series. Whether playing solo or with a friend in cooperative mode, the game offers an exhilarating journey through diverse environments filled with enemies and surprises. With its accessibility on modern platforms through emulators, METAL SLUG 4 invites both longtime fans and new players to experience the excitement and nostalgia of classic arcade gaming.

Prepare for intense battles, gather your favorite weapons, and join the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force in their mission to thwart General Morden’s ambitions in METAL SLUG 4.



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